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The theme for our church in 2020 is "We Are Going!" This simple, yet weighty, statement is the tagline for our church family and summarizes the DNA of what we desire to be. We want to be a church on mission with King Jesus making disciples and proclaiming the gospel throughout the world. Throughout 2020, this emphasis will drive our preaching and teaching, our ministries, our events, our programming, our resources, our budget, and our church calendar. We desire to turn our focus from a "come and see" mentality to a "go and do" mentality. We strive to be a Multicultural, Multigenerational, and Multiplying church, and in order to achieve this every church member must be actively engaged in the mission of FBC to make disciples and proclaim the gospel. So we created a resource to help you.


We have developed this Next Steps Guide to equip you to live on mission this year. The purpose of this resource is to help you grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to live on mission for Him in 2020. Therefore, we have included a weekly Bible study that ties in with Pastor Tim's message the upcoming Sunday. This study will serve to stir your affections for Jesus and challenge you with a "Next Step" for living on mission. Most importantly, we are challenging every member of FBCD to indicate their ONE. This is a person you know who is far from God that you will commit to pray for and share the gospel with throughout 2020–every member engaging at least ONE person with the good news of Jesus Christ. What an amazing opportunity.


If you would like a  copy of this book, please contact the church office at 770-942-5481. Or, you are free to use this PDF download to access the weekly Bible studies. Will you commit to this journey with us?


Join us,

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