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Here’s what to expect:

We are excited to resume our Sunday morning in-person Bible Study Groups this week. Classes will begin at 9:15a. Sunday School teachers will be in touch to provide you with all the information you need. For those looking to join a Sunday School class, you will find the list of classes and contact information for each below.


Our Sunday morning service begins at 10:45a.



Pam Britt, Kailyn Byers, Melissa Hayes

Room 205


Amy Adair, Mary Maynard, Marita Roberts

Room 213


Linda Amundson, Jim Cook, Rosemary Higgins

Room 211


Carol Ann Hodges, Kinsey Lyle, Laurie Pennington

Room 201


Cheryl Johnson, Ray Johnson

Room 412


1st Grade

Lisa & Gregg Yancey, Angela Wilder

Room 506

3rd Grade

Annette & Ernie Brake, Katrina & Randy Nation

Room 508

4th/5th Grade Girls

Dee Dallmann, Ann Patrick

Room 511

2nd Grade

Joan Cole, Alisa Haynes, Linda Redfern

Room 504

4th/5th Grade Boys

Chris Baggett, David Eads, Jeff Haynes, Mike Redfern

Room 503


Middle School Girls

Tina Morris, Jennifer Fitts

Room 606/607

High School Girls

Montana Fincher, Hannah Hannah

Room 610/611


Angela & Lee Grayson

On Zoom

Middle School Guys

Ben Towns, Phillip Morris

Middle School Room

High School Guys

Brandon Upshaw, Jeff Gardner

High School Room


Jonathan Hannah

College & Career

Thursdays, 6:30p | Off-Campus

Jason Cann

Young Adults

Sundays, 9:15a | Room 507

Beaver / Blackstone

Median Adults

Sundays, 9:15a | Room 419

David White

Median Adults

Thursdays, 7p | Zoom

Steve Platt

Median Adults

Sundays, 9:15a | Room 412

Pam York

Median Adult Women

Sundays, 9:15a | Room 402

Bill Shipp

Senior Adults

Sundays, 9:15a | Zoom

Ray Daniell

Senior Adults

Sundays, 9a | Zoom

Judy Mclain

Senior Adult Women

Sundays, 9:15a | Room 154

Power Hour

Senior Adults

Sundays, 5p | Fellowship Hall

Gil Shearouse

Young Adults

Sundays, 9:15a | Room 509

Sims, King, Wynn

Young & Median Adults

Sundays, 9:15a | Room 420

David White

Median Adults

Sundays, 9:15a | Room 414

Friendship Class / Keywood

Median Adults

Sundays, 9:15a | Room 407

Williams / Grogan

Median Adults

Sundays, 9:15a | Room 416/417

Mark Lewis

Single Adults

Sundays, 9a | Zoom

Craig Samuels

Senior Adults

Sundays, 9:15a | Room 404

Helen Bowlick / Patti Crawford

Senior Adult Women

Sundays, 9:15a | Room 408

Tim Akin

Senior Adult Men

Sundays, 9:15a | Room 413

Updated COVID-19 Protocols

  • We are no longer requiring RSVP to attend our Sunday morning worship gathering. There is no need to register moving forward.

  • We will no longer be taking temperatures at the door.

  • We still encourage everyone to wear a mask while on campus unless you are seated for worship.

  • Every other pew has been roped off in the worship center to allow for social distancing. You are free to enter and find your seat on the ends of one of the designated pews as you prefer. An usher will be there to help you should you need assistance.

  • Please do not attend if you are sick.

Guiding Principles

John 13:34

Philippians 2:3-4 


I Corinthians 9:22-23


Ephesians 4:32